Fine particles of moisture condensates at low levels of the atmosphere, different from clouds only in the fact that this is on the ground. A fine spray or a foam used for fire fighting. A murky existence of the atmosphere or something that is causing it. Something that obscures or confuses, a state of confusion or bewilderment. All of these statements can be found in the dictionary for the word “fog”.

I have watched a fog bank roll in a few times in my life. It is somewhat awe inspiring and is usually on a temperature gradient. The air where the fog is is cooler than the air ahead of it and the ground upon which the air is moving. The cooler air forces the water molecules to condensate, much like the water that will show up on a cold glass in warm air. This towering wall of cloud just comes moving in like images from the dust bowl but not as dense.

Other times the cool air arrives and the fog starts appearing along the ground or over water that is warmer than the air above it. This is a beautiful sight at sunset or sunrise as beams of light shoot through the foggy mist along the ground. Low lying areas of pasture have this occur many times during the spring and fall months as the dew point is met along its surface and the fine mist appears.

Then there is the foggy confusion of thought in which we can find ourselves. Being tired, sick, medicated, or injured can cause our mental faculties to become obscured to reality. This can bring on anxiety and depression as we just cannot make sense of what is going on in our world. Of course there are also those who medicate for the sheer pleasure of the altered state, I think we would all agree that is not appropriate. Lucidity of mind is what all of us hope to enjoy for our whole lives.

In our walk with Christ we can find ourselves in foggy situations. Why did I fall again? Why do things always seem to go wrong? Why don’t I ever win? What do I need to do to feel your presence? How come they get all the credit? And on, and on, and on….

Our perspective on our situation needs to change. If we are trying to keep from sinning for our own benefit, chances are we will fail. We need to change the perspective from me to He. When we fall we are essentially slapping God in the face and hurting Him. It is our desire to please the Father so when we are tempted, let’s think about pleasing him more than me. I have found this concept in the book “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jeff Bridges and it really does seem to work. Changing my thought pattern to pleasing God and not offending Him has brought extra strength to shut down temptations.

We are told that we are not to envy. This little “whoa is me” thought can tear down our walk. Instead we should look at all that God has done and be grateful. Not every gift or blessing is given to everyone, if it were we would have a boring society. Just like spices in a recipe, a mixture of the spices make the dish; a mixture of gifts and blessings builds the church body. To whom much is given, much is expected. That’s a heavy load to bare and perhaps God knows that load would be too much for us at this time. Down the line things may change and a huge blessing comes our way…but for now we should be thankful for where and what we are.

His presence and our feeling of abandonment. This is an odd and difficult one to discuss. We do find sometimes that we might be talking to a wall. Where is God? I want to feel His presence in my worship, in my prayer time, and in my life. But I am blocked in…I cannot seem to reach Him. I know He’s there, I know He will never leave me… We try and try to reach Him pressing harder and harder with our minds listening and concentrating on hearing Him or feeling Him. Dead air…where is He? Relax…quit trying so hard…be still in your mind and spirit.

I am not saying to quit worshipping, praying, and reading His word. I am saying we, in our minds think we must use our effort to find God; yes we must worship, pray, and study but that effort can replace His presence in our life. We become more tied to the effort than the true focus. When our efforts overtake the joy of Him and His presence we lose our spiritual connection. So relax, return to the peace that He is present with us, and humbly walk on. All of a sudden He will appear with us and oh the joy we feel.

Lord teach us to remember you as we are tempted, that we think about making your work for us null and void and that our actions will show that we care more about me than you if we succumb to the temptation. Help us to see our blessings daily so that we can be grateful to you. Finally oh Lord, may we keep from walking our life out of sheer habit or vain repetition and live in such a way to just enjoy you and your presence. May our efforts be wholly based on being near you as we strive to be holy. To you be all the blessing, glory, honor, and power for now and forevermore, amen.

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