As I ponder the song Great Is Thy Faithfulness, I wonder if I let the words ruminate in my mind? Do I think about the phrasing penned by the author?

Oh God my Father – I had a great relationship with my earthly father and I could go to him for comfort, support, direction, and at times correction. Is that how I think of God, or do I think of him as a being far above me who I can’t approach and find comfort?

There is no shadow of turning with thee – hmmm, God never turns away from the ones he adores and cares for. I will never be turned away or have his concentration leave my well being.

Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not – God does not change, he is what he is and he will always be that way. His compassions (love and care) will never fail for those he watches. We may stray and become bull-headed in our life, determined to do our own thing…but, his compassions bring us back to him.

Wow!!! Praise you oh Lord for thy great mercies and love.

Be blessed!