Things that display the truth about something. In court evidence is used to help direct people to the truth on some matter. In a discussion amongst friends evidence may be mentioned to back one side or the other in the debate.

What evidence is needed to determine one is alive? We check for respiration and a pulse. Evidence about the laws of nature are pretty easy to discuss. Jump up in the air and don’t return to the ground (without anything assisting you). Can you just float there? No, gravity will pull you back. What about centrifugal force? Fill a bucket with water and swing it around swiftly…you can make it go in a full circle upside down and lose very little water as the weight of the water is pulling itself in the direction of motion…away from you to the end of the bucket. Wind…we can’t see it but we can feel it, hear it, and definitely see the signs of it moving. I can go on and on with examples…

Lord. What evidence do I have for my Lord?

He’s my friend. Do you have a really close friend that knows all about you and you are always comfortable with and count on? Well I do…he is a great guy and I like to be around him and do things with him like fishing, disc golf, and just talking. He and I both have a common ground in that we both count the Lord as our friend as well. We go to the Lord in prayer for each other and many times we know He is with us as we do our other activities. Oh the joy of His presence when we are discussing spiritual stuff.

He’s my rock. I, as everyone have went through storms in my life. When things are at their worse I have asked, “why God”. I am sure many others have done that same thing. I don’t know how others have gotten through the storm, but I know how I have. The Lord has brought to mind scriptures and songs that have given peace and calm to the situation. Has the storm always ended the way I would like it to? No, but I am on solid ground none the less, with my rock as a foundation.

He’s my counselor. When I have to make a choice that takes some thinking to decide upon, I take it to my friend in prayer. See a friendship requires a level of trust and I have an insurmountable trust in this friend (because of the stormy experiences). He will help direct my thoughts on the matter at hand. His counsel is always wise and will not lead me wrong…may not be what I want as the answer but faith in him wins out.

I can say all of these things as evidence because I know the Lord as my savior. I spend time with him and want to know the mysteries of a holy life.

Physical evidence:

A man named Jesus was born in Bethlehem as foretold by prophets, witnessed by shepherds who spread the news, visited by wise men who went to King Herod asking where the babe might be found, Herod had babies killed because he feared his kingdom would be lost to this baby.

A man named Jesus was followed by people as he walked about teaching and doing miracles. He was arrested, beaten, and ultimately put to death by crucifixion. At his death there was an earthquake and the sun went dark for three hours. He came from the tomb three days later and was seen by many people.

These historical accounts are recorded in other writings and stories from those days outside of the biblical account. The biblical account then is supported by other evidence to prove its authenticity and truth.

If the Bible then can be shown to be true…we must believe what it says. There is one way to God and eternal life and it is through this man Jesus. We must accept that we are a sinful creature, ask God to forgive us through the sacrifice of Jesus, and request He start assisting us in the way we live. If we do this and really mean it as we do it, He is faithful and will perform the work in us cleansing us from our sinful ways.

Thank you God for the redemptive power of Christ’s sacrifice that allows me a wretched sinner the opportunity to have a relationship with you, the creator of all things. To you be all glory, honor, and power. Amen.

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