Well I had simple plans last evening to prepare for some stuff next week as I am going to be busy with other things over the next few days. Guess what happened…no I didn’t procrastinate and put off what I needed to do. I was working on it and got a call from work about an issue…four hours later it was midnight and most of what needed to get done was completed. There is still some data cleanup that will need to be done today.

It is really frustrating and a bummer to have plans destroyed like that. I think about the situation and I know it is just part of the job and we can get the problem that created the issue fixed. I also know that I must keep the appropriate perspective…it’s all good.

In life we have things pop up that are unplanned and time consuming. The pressures and frustrations of these events can weigh us down and give us sour grapes. However it is at times like these that we must remember, He gives more grace, He is walking the road beside us or carrying us through these footprints in the sand. As always we must focus ourselves on Him and allow Him to ease our load, cast all our cares on Him for He cares for us.

He will bless this day, so Have a blessed and terrific Thursday.

One thought on “Frustration

  1. I too, have to remember to keep it simple, “It is what it is”. I’ve been weighed down by much of the violence of recent. I had to take a “mental health day” yesterday. I am strengthened by your encouragement yet again today. “He is walking the road beside us..” wise words!

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