An impression is a mark left on an object once touched by another object. Play-doh for instance can hold a visible finger print if you press your thumb or finger on it. Machines can pound or cut an impression into metal. Some dental work requires an impression of your mouth. The act of being impressive is done by the object performing the work while the other object is being impressed.

My goal is to live my life in such a way as to be an example of a solid Christian walk. Impressing to others the joy and contentment I have in walking with Christ. When troubles come I must rise above it with integrity and class, thus revealing my knowledge that God is bigger and these temporal things are not the most significant parts of my life. At the same time I look at other Christians in my life and draw impression and strength from their walk.

We should always remember that our lives leave an impression on others and we should always watch for those who impress us with their Christian walk. We all cast a shadow both in the physical and spiritual realm. Let our shadows be long affecting many.