1. A person engaged or experienced in warfare.

2. A person engaged in some struggle or conflict.

In the movie Braveheart, William Wallace (portrayed by Mel Gibson) fights along with his Scottish kinsmen for freedom from the tyranny of Britain. His life long endeavor was to get the people of Scotland out from under English rule and oppression. He died not seeing this come to pass but a few years later one of his contemporaries did finally achieve freedom for Scotland.

In the book ‘Fight’ by Craig Groeschel the author states, “God created men to have the heart of a warrior, placing a desire within us to stand up and fight for what’s pure, for what’s true. A man has a warrior’s heart.”

If we are men then we have a desire to win, to stand up in victory, to hold our heads up and stick out our chins and chest and decree that we are the victors. Our competitive spirit and nature cannot be denied. We will debate with others if we think we are right and we will battle if needed for the ones we love.

Let us be bold in these end times, standing firm in our beliefs and locking arms with our brothers filling the gaps in the wall. Our families need us to be men who move forward on our knees crying out to God for His mercy and strength. Our churches need us to be examples and beacons of what a man of God looks and acts like; not a Sunday only man of God but one who is stubborn in pursuit of God and His righteousness. Our country needs us to be supportive and in prayer for our leadership. Our world needs us to be active in the pursuit of the lost and disillusioned.

It is time to quit sitting on the sideline being a bench warmer and get into the game and become a warrior for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has called us out of this world to participate for the team that will achieve ultimate victory and freedom. Let us answer His call.

Be blessed!


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