Mountain Top

To often we are seeking to stay on the mountain top in our walk with Christ. If we stay up on the mountain top we miss the low valleys where shadows surround us and we can forget that God is God. Hanging out on the mountain top can lead us to thinking we are self-reliant and self-sufficient. These will then cast us down into the valley where we start looking for God and wonder what happened…He didn’t change, we did.

During Jesus’ years of ministry we read about the story of Jesus going up on a mountain to pray. He sent the disciples out across the sea where they found themselves in a storm. They had just seen Jesus feed lots of folk with hardly and food and they had leftovers, what a mountain top experience. In the midst of the storm Jesus came walking on the water to cross the sea…the disciples saw him and they thought they were seeing a sea ghost but he called out it is I. When he climbed in the boat the storm ceased. Christ left the mountain to work in the stormy valley where the disciples found themselves.

In the song Through It All by Andrae Crouch he wrote…

“I thank God for the mountains,

and I thank Him for the valleys,

I thank Him for the storms He brought me through.

For if I’d never had a problem,

I wouldn’t know God could solve them,

I’d never know what faith in God could do”.

So those valleys that we cross in our walk reveal to us God’s power and His work in our lives. Valleys are not fun or exciting when we are there but the things we can learn and the faith that can be built up are blessings for us.

We love the mountain top but maybe we should watch for the valleys with expectation of the other side. Watching as God Works and builds in us His plan.

Be blessed!


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