1 : the act of pursuing

2 : an activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession, or avocation : occupation

The word of God tells us:

“Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.”

Isaiah 55:6 NLT

To seek is to pursue something. As the parable of the Pearl Of Great Price we are to seek (pursue) the Kingdom Of Heaven. It should be our ambition in life to chase wholeheartedly after God’s plan for our lives, ever prayerful and saying and doing all as unto Him.

I am learning that the closer I get, the more study and meditation that I do, the less satisfied I become. The yearning and longing for the things of God grows in me as I draw closer and closer to Him. He is my comforter, my help, my peace, my joy, my order, and my longing.

David wrote in Psalm 139 that there is nowhere that he could go to get away from God. I say, YES!!! I want to be surrounded, engulfed, overwhelmed, and bursting forth with and in the presence of my King.

Be blessed!


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