1 a : something set up as an object or end to be attained : intention
b : resolution, determination
2 : a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution on purpose : by intent : intentionally

I remember when I was young and something happened that was not good a question might be asked. “Did you do this on purpose or was it an accident?” The action that created the issue was corrected differently based on the intent. If something was an accident we would talk about what needed to happen so it would not happen again, if it was intentional then discussion would occur but so might corporal punishment.

In my walk with God I can also run into issues. When I slip and make a mistake in my daily walk conviction comes and I repent. God then reveals more of Himself and shows ways to avoid the issue. The difference in this type of issue is that it is usually not just an accident. Most of the sins that plague us are temptations that we let linger thus allowing it to entice us into action. At this point we must think…what is the intent of my heart, to follow Christ or the flesh? If we allow the flesh to rule then we have done this on purpose and figuratively slapped Christ in the face by choosing the flesh over his sacrifice, shame on us!

“Well then, since God’s grace has set us free from the law, does that mean we can go on sinning? Of course not! Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living. Thank God! Once you were slaves of sin, but now you wholeheartedly obey this teaching we have given you. Now you are free from your slavery to sin, and you have become slaves to righteous living.” Romans‬ ‭6:15-18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

So when we are tempted, it is our choice to return to the slavery of sin or to obey God and grow towards righteousness. It is our purpose in life as Christian people to grow in righteousness that we might be holy. Let us then be strong in the power of His might and walk in the path of righteousness. God is faithful and will walk with us pointing the way we should go.

Be blessed.


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