This can be good or bad. On the good side we can look at persons who are famous for quality lives and achievements and on the bad side would be those who used their lives to achieve evil designs.


Jesus – came to earth do give himself as a ransom for many.

Saul/Paul – although he is famous for the evil he was pursuing in killing Christians, the Lord captured his heart and life and he brought the gospel to the gentile world.

Peter – though denying Christ three times, he was used in mighty ways by God in the infant church following the outpouring of the Spirit.

Smith Wigglesworth – British evangelist and faith healer who was instrumental to the Pentecostal movement around the world having preached on multiple continents.

Billy Graham – how many souls came to know the Lord by attending or watching one of his crusades?

These men I have listed are all famous for spiritual work. There are many more famous men who could be listed for spiritual and earthly fame and have led good lives. Now on to some infamous folks.


Judas – although someone had to do it for God’s plan to be completed…what a messed up soul this man had.

Hitler – the attempts to make the world pure from all but the Arian race and the genocide of millions.

Son of Sam – some of us are old enough to remember this serial killer.

BTK – another infamous killer.

Jeffrey Dahmer – cannibal killer of young males.

Wilt Chamberlain – give me a minute on this one. An awesome basketball player but he claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. That is a perverse lifestyle that is definitely wrong on so many levels.

David Koresh – cult leader who misled a number of persons.

Again, I could go on and on listing infamous people who claimed fame but not in a good way.

Fame can lead a person off track if they let it go to their head. We must remember that whatever we do, we are nothing without God. Any praise or accolade we achieve in our work and life should be redirected heaven ward as God has gifted us with the talents to receive said praise. If we can keep this focus set correctly, God will be lifted up.

Oh great and mighty Jehovah, your name is to praised forever and ever. To you be glory, honor, and power. I ask Lord, that you bless us today to fulfill your plans and that we turn any accolades we might receive to their rightful place at your feet as we humbly remember that we are truly nothing without you. In Jesus name, amen.

Be blessed.


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