An image that is assigned by an entity to brand itself for those who see it. There are many logos in our society and they help us remember who or what is tied to the logo.

Who doesn’t know that the Golden Arches are tied to McDonald’s and if you see them burgers are available there. Headed east on the Cimarron Turnpike in Oklahoma you see a tall pole sticking up with the Golden Arches on it. You can see this from a few miles away and you know you can stop there for refreshments and a break as it is also a rest stop and gas station.

What about the red flying horse or the green dinosaur? Both of these were service stations when I was grown up, the flying horse was Mobil and the dinosaur was Sinclair. Then there was Shell, yes it had its name on it as well, but the big yellow half clam is recognizable by itself.

The big K for K-mart. Wendy’s has the picture of the founder’s daughter displayed. Microsoft with the four piece square as a flag. Apple with the bite taken out of it apple. I am sure that if we thought on it there are many many more.

In our walk with Christ we should also have a logo. Our logo should be visible to all of those with whom we make contact. Our lifestyle should be one that shows righteousness and kindness. People should look at us and see something different that gives them a reason to call us Christians (or Christ followers).

Lord help us to be the logo for your brand. May others see you through us and desire to come to know you. Bless our efforts with your presence and peace. Praises be to your name oh Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

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