Good communication is required in every relationship. It strengthens family ties, friendships, and work relationships.

The way we carry on conversations reveals how we feel about the other person(s). If we are accepting and show excitement in speaking with them, they will feel at ease and a strong relationship will grow. If however, we show a lack of interest or appear to busy we can deteriorate the relationship.

A lack of communication will inevitably totally destroy a relationship. In marriage, we must communicate with our spouse, both parties must have the fulfillment of acceptance and a desire of being needed. If I simply tune my wife out when she is speaking to me she feels I am too busy for her. Yes, I have heard this. It is my goal to focus on her when she begins speaking. She is awesome and normally avoids conversation when I am watching a KU basketball game or a Chiefs football game. As I said…she is awesome.

We can also watch our friendships wane over time if we do not communicate. As ships at sea, the friends we meet along life’s pathway become distant as we move from place to place or start hanging out in different places with other folks. The closeness with these friends is not quite as tight as it was when we were together and able to talk. It is however, awesome to know that when we cross paths with good friends our communication and comfort is almost like we were never apart. The bonds built early and often in the relationship create a tie between the people and that tie is a strong one.

Our communication does not have to be verbal. Right now I am communicating to who ever reads this thought. We also display bodily queues that communicate our current thoughts. As a matter if fact, bodily queues add to and take away from our conversations. A good hug or pat on the back is another communication tool. Receiving a swat as a youngster was a communication tool…don’t do that, it isn’t fun being disciplined but it is a necessity for training one up.

We must also have an open dialogue with our creator and Lord. He designed us to be in fellowship with Him and carry on conversations. He wants to know how our day went…I know, He already saw the day occur…but He wants to hear our voice talking to Him. He wants to hear how we feel about this and that and desires intimate discussions on life. Notice I just said discussions, we need to communicate with Him and that means a bi-directional process. We must stop and listen for Him. Sometimes we get to rambling and He can’t get a word in edgewise. Speak a bit and then wait. When He speaks back it may not be verbal. God speaks through thoughts, feelings, His word and at times out loud. Perhaps a scripture pops into your mind and you think about it a moment and it applies to your current conversation…that is God. Or perhaps you are talking about being down or lonely and you feel a warm fulfilling comfort in your being…that is God massaging your spirit.

We must not put God and His communication pattern into a box. He can use a storm or a still small voice. He can bring joy and peace when we are down or upset. He can tell us what He desires or thinks out loud or with words in our head. He can bring to mind scripture and song that apply to our current state. Let us keep an open dialogue with Our God and Lord…it doesn’t have to be prayer time to say, “God, you are awesome and I love you”. I often find myself thinking or saying things like that…just saying hey to the Lord. If you don’t speak to the Lord like this, give it a shot…it can’t hurt.

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