The act of digging into a topic at a greater depth to learn more about it.

I have heard the statement in some old western movies and/or shows that a character was going to study on something. It usually had to do with a statement made by another character in the show. Perhaps a person who is being held captive is telling the captors that such and such is going to track them down and the captor replies that they’ll have to study on that.

We are told in the 2 Timothy that we should study.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15 NLT

But how are we to study?

Of course we have the word of God that we should all read from daily. Just reading though is not really studying. We must meditate or think on the scriptures we are reading. We should also look up additional scriptures pertaining to the scripture we are reading. It is also possible to perhaps find other writings about the scripture we are currently reading. Prayer should also be made that God’s Spirit might open up our minds to things we may not see…allow the Spirit to read between the lines to our hearts.

We can also look at the lives of those around us that might be mentors. A life lived out in a suitable Christian fashion is a great study method. We should all have some spiritual heroes and watch the way they live. Great men of the bible can be researched and read about for their examples of faith and lifestyle as well.

Meditate on God and His goodness is another study process. If we are activating our mental aptitude and concentrating on God, He will reveal new things about His goodness and presence that we have never seen before.

Taking notes on sermons and then reviewing them during the week is another study method we can implement. The pastor that you are currently being taught under is a shepherd of God for you and God gives this person vision and words that each of us need to hear. Listen closely to the shepherd as they reveal God to us.

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