The act of putting an instrument in harmony. Stringed instruments lose their harmony from use and weather as the strings can stretch and constrict. If an instrument is out of tune chords played on it will not be pleasing to the ear. If one is privileged enough to hear music growing up they become accustomed to appropriate sounding chords. An instrument out of tune can grate on the ears. Woodwinds and brass instruments can also be out of tune but generally this occurs because the performers air pressure might be bad or the instrument is not warmed up all the way. Then there is the vocal instrument…this instrument can be out of tune because the performer cannot perceive the chord or perhaps it is perceived but they cannot produce the right pitch in harmonic sound.

If you ever listen to a car horn you might notice that it is actually producing a chord. A single note being played does not carry the weight as a chord does to our hearing. When I sang in a Southern Gospel Quartet we loved to practice some singing a cappella to hear the harmony. It amazed me how often a held chord would sound like a car horn.

As we walk through our day we might find that our spirit has lost its harmony with the Spirit of God. Perhaps a little attitude or inappropriate discussion has wiggled its way into our day. The great tuner is standing there waiting to be called on. A simple prayer of repentance and request for assistance is all that is needed and boom our spirit realigns itself with God’s.

How often do we find ourselves losing the spiritual pitch and harmony and we let it ride. The more a stringed instrument is used while out of tune, the further out of tune it might be. The same is true of us, if the Spirit of God taps us on the shoulder because we are out of tune we must act then. Allowing ourselves to be out of tune and not reacting makes it easier and easier for us to become and remain out of tune.

Lord, keep me in tune with you today. May the efforts I put forth bring glory to you. My desire is to be in harmony with your plans for my life. Bless this day as you see fit. Amen.

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