We all have physical scars where our skin has been cut or torn and the healing of the wound creates a mar to the original area. Scars from surgery can go from the surface all the way to the depth of the operation. Sometimes a repeat surgery is performed to remove excess scar tissue under the surface.

People may also have emotional scars from having feelings hurt by others. When these scars are made by those closest to us the scar can run deep and create a division and trust issue in the relationship.

The earth has scars on it as well. Meteor strikes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and erosion has scarred the earth through the years.

Our spiritual lives also have scars. At birth our spirit man is pure and unblemished but sin scars our spirit. These scars are blemishes that ruin our relationship with God as God is pure and we must be pure in His sight for us to have a relationship with Him.

Through the work of Christ on the cross and our acceptance of him as Savior through our repentance, our spirit man’s scars are removed. God no longer sees the scars and blemishes as He looks through Jesus when seeing us. Christ carries the scars and wounds on him. These scars and wounds are upon an innocent being so God does not see them as sin and we are made pure by the innocent shedding of blood. Our spirit man is once again pure in the eyes of God.

Our physical scars are visible to us for many years and can sometimes vanish over time. The scars in our spirit man when forgiven are out of God’s sight and He forgets them forever. Satan however will remind us of those scars and it is incumbent of us to think of our salvation and the fact that we are clean. We must work to forget the scars and cover them with Christ’s blood in our minds as well. The more we tell Satan that we are clean the weaker and weaker his attack for a given scar will become.

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