There are all kinds of fences in the world. They are erected as delineation lines between properties or sections of properties.

A rancher with lots of land will put fences up around and throughout their land to keep his animals grazing on portions of the land at a time. This is done to keep the land from becoming over grazed and allow the natural grasses to recover. This is also used in the weaning process when the calves are taken from their cows.

In the city property lines between houses may have fences erected to set the boundary line between yards. In many cases privacy fences are used between backyards because people want to hang out in their backyard and not be seen or communicated with by the neighbors when lounging about. The days of leaning on the chain link talking with your neighbor really doesn’t exist in newer housing additions. The sense of community is therefore reduced…that is kind of sad when you think about it.

We erect fences in our lives as well. Things we won’t talk about with others. Filters for certain persons and how close we allow them to get to us. Segmented lives between church, family, and work. As we traverse these segments of our lives we may go through a gate to the next segment and leave something at the gate post. An example of this is a person who lives one way on Sunday and has a different live style on Monday.

Another fence in our lives is the fence of protection that we pray God establishes around us. We pray that evil will not befall us or our loved ones. That traveling mercies abide with us on our trips. We ask that our properties might be kept from harm when we are away or a storm of some sort is passing through.

God has asked us to share Him with the world. We must tear down the fences we have erected in our lives and share His love to even our most undesirable acquaintances. Perhaps God can then change us to see persons through His eyes and not ours. We are a community of humanity and therefore none of us is better than the next. God loves us all the same and desires fellowship with all of us. We must also live a life in pursuit of holiness 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We do not get to choose when and where to pursue and not pursue holiness, that would be hypocrisy which God detests.

Let us then be faithful in our pursuit of holiness and reveal God’s love to all people as He gives us opportunity. May God bless our efforts in striving for holiness and fulfill His work in touching lives through us.

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