1. Created for fellowship
2. Went their own way dissolving fellowship
3. Plan revealed for restoration
4. Numerous pleas for fellowship
5. A final step will be taken
6. Birth of a babe as foretold by prophets
7. Sinless life lived
8. Innocent death
9. Returns to the living

Mankind was created in God’s own image to enjoy fellowship with Him. Sin crept in and destroyed this fellowship as God is holy and cannot abide with sin. One will come who will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel. Sin sacrifices designed to purify the hearts of man. Judges and prophets warned again and again about the direction of sin and pleaded for man to return to God. The final sacrifice…God will send His own Son to walk among men. The birth of Jesus, foretold many years before by the prophets. Although tempted in the same way as all men, Jesus did not sin. Turned over to be crucified because the religious leaders didn’t like his teaching…no, the plan had to be worked out. Jesus died an innocent person thus carrying in him the sins of us all. However, he arose from the dead and spoke again with those who followed him.

What a story!

The final chapter is still to be written. Jesus is currently at the right hand of God being an advocate for all of those who believe. As the book of Job reveals, the enemy of our souls is always before the throne accusing us of our failures. Then God looks at our defense attorney who shows his hands and feet, the wounds on his back and the hole in his side and states, these wounds bare witness to their sins, they are not guilty because my blood was shed for them. This is the tenth point in the story…the ongoing living story.

Point eleven…our blessed hope. Christ will return and take those who believe in him, both the living and the dead, to be with him in heaven. A place prepared for all who believe. There we will ever be with the Lord. The final chapter!

Thank the Lord…the writing goes on. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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