Something learned by experience or study. They learned their lesson. He studied the lesson well so he knew the answers. She practiced this week’s lesson everyday and now listen to how sweet the music sounds.

Many times in life I have been able to say that I learned a lesson from that. Don’t throw rocks at houses…windows can break. Walking barefoot on hot pavement is not a fun thing to do. Trying to make yourself out as something you are not will prove to others what you really are. Playing around while driving is not appropriate. There are many more examples but there is only so much space in the world that can contain data.

Other lessons learned…schooling and study does pay off in the end. Learn from your first mistake and don’t do it again. Inform folks of the outcome of your mistakes, but if they are bound to try…be ready to help pick up the pieces. Don’t be judgmental when others experience the same mistake as yourself even if you forewarned them; the school of hard knocks is a great teacher.

Let us be loving of the person and lead them by example, helping those who have faltered or are wavering in their faith. May we be vigilant in our walk towards holiness by setting ourselves apart from sinful patterns and replacing those with the pursuit of godliness.

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