Light Switch

Have you ever thought about a light switch? Just how the mechanism works. The pull chain or flip switch both do the same thing. A dimmer switch is an interesting invention. At any rate light switches move a charged contact to another contact allowing the charge to flow through. The charge then flows through the line to a light which illuminates with the charge. A dimmer switch contains a resistor piece that reduces the charge allowed to flow and thus the illuminated light has less charge and therefore cannot shine at its full potential.

We recently had to replace a couple of switches in our home. They had succumbed from usage to not clicking in and staying on…or not able to keep the contacts connected. We could hear the spark in the switch if we didn’t get that baby to connect solidly and the light would flicker of go back off and the area would go back to darkness.

When we enter a dark room it is our choice to flip the switch. Are we comfortable enough with the room to be able to walk through it without turning on the light? Do we have desire to sit in the dark so we are not seen or bothered? The choice is ours…light or dark.

When I was a child, the church we went to had a boys group, much like Boy Scouts. Sometimes we would have a camp-in at the church. My family were the custodians of the church so I knew my way around that place very well. The education wing had a basement, ground floor, and upstairs. The auditorium had four rooms around it…two on the sides at the rear, and two at the front corners. All of these rooms had at least two entrances and exits. The front two also had a connection through a baptistery. There was another basement under the platform of the auditorium. A crawl space existed under the choir loft and baptistery with access from one of the front rooms. A crawl space existed under one of the basement stair cases on the education wing. Auditorium attic access was also available from one of the front rooms in the auditorium. The platform basement was accessible from either side of the auditorium through a door that exited the room and connected to one of the front rooms. We would play hide and seek at these camp-ins and since I knew the layout so well my friends and I were usually never found or at least tagged and the all in safe call would go out. The only times we would get caught was when someone broke the rules and turned on a light. Darkness can serve its purpose.

In our lives we have the choice to turn on the light, by accepting Christ and living a life following His lead and guidance; or denying Him and living in spiritual darkness. We can also allow our switch to become faulty or a dimmer switch to dull our light. The cares of life and sin will darken our light if we do not keep our contacts connected to the charge of the spirit in its greatest potential. Let us therefore study to show ourselves approved, spend time with God in prayerful conversation (both ways), and live our lives with godly characteristics. If we live in this fashion our contact points will allow the Spirits charge to bring our light to its full potential and be examples to a lost and dying world.

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