I watched the end of the Chargers victory over the Chiefs last night and was (as I am sure all Chief fans) dismayed at the last few minutes of the game. The Chiefs prolific offense needed one first down to end the game. Can’t get 10 yards and punt it away. Defense get a stop…can’t do it. Fourth and eight pass play for Chargers the DB never even tries to find the ball as it zings right past him just above his waist for a first down. Calls that refs made or didn’t make in the last 20 seconds of the game determined the outcome.

Refs are human and are calling what they see or fail to see during play. Blown calls happen all the time in all sports. The reality is, the Chiefs should’ve been able to get that first down so none of the rest would matter. I know people will say they went too conservative on that last possession and the Chargers knew exactly what was going to be ran. I tend to agree with that…one has to keep the defense on its heals.

In our walk with Christ we can become too conservative in our offensive game plan. A conservative offense can stagnate itself and choke out any plan for victory. Our walk must be offensive and aggressive against our enemy. We must pursue God in His word, in our prayers, allow Him time to speak back to us, and in our meditation of Him and His word.

The reality is that football game doesn’t really matter…my spiritual walk does. There are no refs making or missing calls in this epic game of life. There is one arbiter for my soul, one opponent, and one judge. It is my responsibility to pursue a life the judge will find worthy because of how I follow the arbiter and keep the opponent from sacking my life.

Reality…holiness matters and entertainment does not.

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