This word has popped in and out of my thoughts a number times along with others. So here goes some thoughts on knob.


1a : a small rounded ornament or handle

b : a rounded protuberance : lump

2 : a rounded usually isolated hill or mountain

So, what about the knob?

On doors, some of the small handles have a lock and others do not. We turn the knob to get a door to open or just pull on the knob if it is a simple pull to open style.

I suppose a bump on the noggin’ after hitting your head is a knob. Or other swelling from an acute injury would be a knob. Ouch!

The last definition is a neat one. If you ever journey through the Ozark Mountains and look at the mountains, I suppose they could be called knobs. Why there is even a city called Shell Knob. It was named after its founders Henry and Elizabeth Yoachum Schell who created a trading post there in 1835. The ‘c’ was dropped during the naming. Hmm, didn’t know that.

In our walk with Christ we should turn the knob of our minds and open the door up to the word and the Spirit. At the time we should close the door and lock the handle to our fleshly desires. If the door is closed, they can come a knockin’ but we have choice…we can ignore it and it will go away or we can open it and let it lead us into sin; I prefer the ignoring process. If we need to, we can always ask God to help us ignore it. We should also be a knob of Christian influence in our denigrated society. We should stick out as a light sitting on a hill (or knob).

Lord, help me today to lock out what is not wholesome and be open to your lead. Establish in me today your light that I might shine brightly. Amen.

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