In sports a player attempts to read the oppositions intentions before it happens.

In baseball the defense watches for something that the batter might do against certain pitch counts. A batter will want to know what a pitcher might do in certain counts and situations. Or if the pitcher might tip off the coming pitch based on body position or motion. Pitchers and infielders will watch base runners to see if they might tell that they are going to steal.

In basketball defenses learn the tells of the opponent for what play may be ran. At the same time the offense has studied the defense’s tendencies. Is there a little more hop in a certain players step and attitude when they know the play is coming their way? That is something a defense can sense and react to if they are in the game.

On the football field defensive players look for tells on the offensive line. What is the gap on certain plays or the position of a players three point stance. Does the player stick one of his leg slightly further back based on pass or run, or the type of pass or run? The quarterback will attempt to read the defense to determine if the called play or another play would be best.

In each of these sports the tell that might be read is only available to a player if they have spent the time studying. Hours of film breakdown for their position and work with their coaches is required. A game plan must be practiced thoroughly so that it is like second nature when it is game day.

In the same way we must study the word to be able to see the opponents temptations and be ready to react and resist. Our coach the Spirit of God will direct our play calls as we are on the field. Our Christian walk is to be an offensive life moving our offense along to victory. So let’s study to show ourselves approved and share the gospel at all times.

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