Dirt and other road grime builds up on our vehicles as we drive around. Especially in the colder months when ice treatment has been placed on our roads. Those who work out lifting weights will build up muscles on their frame. Hair and such can build up in shower and bath drains causing slow or blocked drainage. Mucus build up creates headaches and sore throats when we battle a cold or flu.

Many years ago a city that was conquered would be destroyed by the conquerors and a new city would be built up on the old foundations.

A build up of something can be good or bad. The grimy build up on vehicles is bad for the paint, the clogged drain is bad for our home, and mucus is not fun for our bodies. Muscle growth is good unless done improperly. The conqueror is always happy but the conquered looks at this a completely different way.

As we walk with Christ we must build up our faith by exercising it, much the same way a weight lifter builds up muscle. Repetitive action at a weight they can handle. We must use repetitive statements of faith to build up faith, then God will give us something that requires a little more faith that again we use persistence to see God do the work. We are to build up our Godly character by persistent application of His characteristics in our own lives. These characteristics are revealed to us from His word, in our quiet time with Him, and in our worship. His character must be built up in us to leave no opening for the world’s character.

Let us be people of faith walking in Godly character with integrity of mind and spirit.

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