The view of one’s self in or on glass or some other medium. To think back about something and mull it over in one’s mind.

I love to gaze at a smooth body of water that is surrounded by nature and see the reflection of the shore line and sky. Sunsets and sunrise in these environments are spectacular. Candles with a reflective medium behind them are brighter in a room and make it feel warmer. A starry night by a quiet lake is awesome, where does the sky end and the earth begin?

We use reflection while preparing for the day, looking intently at our appearance in a mirror. How does this look? Did I get the shaving done completely? Are there any hairs out of place? Our cars are equipped with reflective devices to assist us in our journeys.

In mental reflection we often rehearse disputes and come up with counter statements or more appropriate ways we might have handled the issue. We think back on special times and memories that make us happy. Thoughts of the way it was then in comparison to the way it is now.

Reflection is also involved in our journey to righteousness. We are to reveal Christ in our lives, or to put it another way, the image of Christ should be prevalent in our lives. Not the picture of him physically, but His character traits should abound in us. We are His mirror to the world, if the world looks at our lives does it see Christ like traits and tendencies? In our meditation on scripture we are reflecting on God’s word and it’s application to our lives. This reflection helps us to see a more perfect picture of what we need to become.

Lord help me be your mirror. May I honor you and your attributes at all times this day. Bless me with knowledge of your closeness as I walk through my day. Blessings, honor, glory, and power be unto you forever and ever. Amen.

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