Hold on. Just a minute. Chill, ok? Will you just be still for a moment? Have some patience, will ya?

We say phrases like these many times. Someone else is anxious about something and we or circumstances are the hold up. Like on a trip…are we there yet, how much longer, … Don’t I wish we could just beam to the destination (to use a Star Trek term). Just transport us to where we are headed please.

Waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant can also be trying to our patience. Especially if we have other things we want to do. Traffic on the streets is another example where patience is a must. I live close to the New Market Square area. The traffic is always heavy around this mall area but at this time of the year it gets even worse. With busy schedules it creates a stressful situation for patience in traffic.

We have been left here to carry the gospel to all men. Waiting and looking for the return of our savior. Pressing on towards the mark of the high calling of Christ. In our walk we must be patient and endure all kinds of attacks by our enemy. God gives us everything we need to fulfill His call and walk out a patient life until the Lord’s return. We must lean on Him to help us patiently endure.

What about from God’s perspective? Do we also tell God to wait? He impresses us to be used and we feel uncomfortable or like we are unworthy. He must think, how long until you trust me completely? I will not ask you to do something that I am unprepared to fulfill. Do we dabble with sin? Oh just once more, I will do better next time. Each time we do not say no to temptation we become weaker against that specific temptation. This is a dangerous thing as one can begin to presume upon grace and that leads to presumptuous sin.

God I know your grace is sufficient for me. Teach me how to not make you have to wait for me. Direct me and strengthen my faith with menial tasks that will bolster the faith to move mountains. For you know oh Lord, that I must practice my faith to make it perfect. I praise you for all you are and do, and I love your from the depths of my soul. Amen.

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