Here in Kansas today it is pretty frigid. The temp is 28 with wind gusts of 40-50 MPH. That is a bone chilling cutting wind that takes your breath away when walking in it.

When weather is like this we stay indoors if we can. However I was an usher at church this morning so we went out in the blowing snow. We saw a person lose control on Kellogg (US-400) and crash into the concrete barrier on the bridge over the train tracks just east of downtown.

It was warm in the car, in our church building, in our lunch location, and back at our home. I have started our fireplace just for the ambience and a little more warmth.

In our walk as Christians we are battered by the winds of doubt and temptation. If our fire can be quenched by these cutting winds we will be miserable. However if we keep our flame going through prayer and study the winds can fan the fire into a blaze.

That blazing fire of the spirit in our lives will draw people to the warmth of God’s love. Let us continue in prayer and study allowing our fire to grow.

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