There are many forms of touch. The lightly running of a hand across the surface of skin (gives me goose bumps), the caress with slightly more pressure and perhaps the squeezing of the hand, a massage where pressure is exerted on an area and strong squeezing motion of the hand digs deep into muscle, the supportive or understanding pat of one’s hand, and the loving embrace. I suppose there are even more but this is a good list.

We pray for God to touch us, our church, our family, the world, …

Us … we hope when we say this that we want His touch to be one of the loving touches above. But before He gets to that point He may have to spank our actions and attitudes into line before we achieve the loving touch. The Bible says that God chastens those He loves. When we ask for God’s touch we must be open and accepting of His corrective and redemptive work in our lives. If He corrects us and we are receptive and repent from our error, surely the loving Father will touch us with love and support.

Our church … we ask this in hopes that God will help us be the light in our community. Hey guys, at salvation we became that light, we must not hide the light under a bushel but bring it out on a hill for all to see. He does not need to repeat the work to have our light shining. The prayer should really be, touch others who cross our paths with your grace. God may your Son shine through us so others have a desire to know you.

Family … this is a prayer that God protect and use our family for His purpose. Our desire is that we know the Lord and are open to Him and His plans for our lives. We want his loving embrace to surround the family and keep us in peace with one another. I have lived out a Christian life in front of my family and although we attempted many times to have a family devotion, I know I missed the mark in achieving this goal. It is said that a family that prays together stays together. If we want the utmost from God in our families, time shared together with God is a necessity.

Our world … we are the light of the world. It is our desire that God assist us by opening doors and hearts to us as we work in this world and that God would send laborers into the harvest… We are the harvest crew, we are the laborers, we are sent…so let’s get to work. Folks like to see and will follow good leaders. Let us then be leaders in the harvest and watch what God will do.

God touch me…break down the parts of my life that are not congruent with your plan for me. Help me to know that you are in me and with me at all times. Reveal yourself to the world through me. I thank and praise you for all that you are and all that you do. Praises to your name oh Lord.

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