Do you know how big the tires on your vehicle are? How about the tread depth? Know why there are ridges in the tread?

Tires come in all kinds of sizes and widths but they are made for specific purposes. If you ever look at a racing tire (drag or track) you will see that the tread is smooth. Of course the tread on our daily vehicles have ridges. An off road tire will have some sort of a deep grid ridge design.

Why so many different tread types? The actual contact point between a tire and the surface is a rectangular shape of the tire width and four to eight inches depending on tire type. This contact point gives traction and control to the vehicle. Racing tires with their smooth tread give maximum traction allowing for quick acceleration and stick when turning at high speed. Our daily tires don’t need the speed control requirements of racing but they need to squeeze away moisture efficiently to allow traction in wet weather. Off road tires need to be able to claw for traction in dirt and rock so they have larger ridges. In all cases the tire must have the correct air pressure for optimal performance.

Our spiritual tire must be checked to make sure we are ready for whatever task the Master desires. At times we are living in spiritual controlled chaos, much like a race car heading into a turn at a high rate of speed, our spiritual tire must have good grip as He controls us through the turn giving us the words to say or actions to perform. When we are battered by the storms of life our spiritual tire must be able to push away the precipitation of things that are not of God to assist us in holding our focus on Him. When we go through the mud of life, struggle up rugged spiritual peaks, or dig up great dust clouds of fleshly feelings our tires must be able to claw their way down the path He has set for us. Our air pressure must be kept at peak performance through Bible study and memorization (meditation), prayer, and fellowship or our spiritual traction will falter and we will find ourselves losing control.

Let God do whatever tire change He desires for our tasks today. May we be ever vigilant in our pursuit of Him so we stay at our optimal performance for the work He has laid out for us.

One thought on “Tire

  1. Great illustration!

    And If our tire pressure is low, not enough air, and we try to drive at a high speed the tire builds up too much heat from extra friction and we can have a blowout. Apply that to your spiritual life and see what you learn.

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