Things placed in one’s path to make them change course in some fashion hampering their progress. Obstacle courses are setup to test a persons ability to move from point to point in a timely manner even though they may climb, crawl, jump, or balance. Obstacles are placed in the roadway during road work to change the normal traffic flow. Rivers have obstacles placed in them to create recreational areas, power plants, and water for drinking and irrigation.

In our lives we also have obstacles that arise. Perhaps it is that person that just sets us off…we must work at being patient and showing love. Maybe it is the pressures from work…we must lean on the Lord and let Him soothe our stresses (easier said than done mind you). Or maybe it is the unknown construction zone when you are already pushing the arrival time…this one also requires patience. Could be a child that just wants to keep pressing your buttons…we must be long suffering to show our love.

I could list stuff all day and not exhaust the possibilities of obstacles to our lives and walk. So instead I will direct us to Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Spirit, this is how we can deal with our obstacles; allow the Spirit to bring forth the fruit in our lives. We should also meditate on Hebrews 12:1-13, we must continue and handle obstacles in our walk as they may be discipline (training from God) to mold us into powerful tools for his use.

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