The act of moving from place to place by foot at a gate slower than jogging. A process of living out life.

To run a mile a person will arrive quicker at the end but miss the environment absorbed by the one who walks. The runner may also attain fanfare and such for the pace at which they complete the task, while a walker will also complete the task and experience more in the process. Don’t take this the wrong way, running is great for folks and is a healthy thing to do, I am setting our minds on the difference in the pace.

In our lives we mustn’t be in such a hurry to attain satisfaction that we forget our objective. Things of this world are not taken with us when we leave this world. We must be persistent in walking out our faith, displaying God’s love and care to all. If all we do is rush around we may not enjoy fellowship with some that really need it. We should Slow down and walk the talk, take heed of the spiritual environment around us so we can bring forth the Spirit living in us to touch those in need.

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