A door swings open and closed on a few hinges. Garage door panels bend on hinges. A games outcome hinges on players performance. So a hinge allows things to swing this way or that. There are two way hinges and there are one way hinges. It all depends on how the hinge is designed.

Our lives are on a constant hinge and our eternal outcome hinges on the decisions we make. Edgar Allen Poe’s poem about Two Roads in a Wood depict our life. We constantly have decisions about which road to follow…hopefully we choose the narrow way which leads to life instead of the broad way that leads to death where many are traveling. The narrow way being the road less traveled…as Poe says, choosing that way has made all the difference.

How do we stay on the narrow way? Keep our eyes and thoughts on Christ and heed the Spirit’s guiding. Turn away from wicked temptations and put all your hope and trust in God. In all our ways let’s acknowledge Him and He will make our paths straight. Let’s keep our door swinging on a hinge the way He has purposed…closed to sin and open to His work.

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