When I look into the mirror I see myself as others see me. When you look in the mirror you see yourself the way I see you. At least the outward image we display, another human being. If we stand beside each other and gaze into the mirror we see us as everyone else sees us.

Somehow in our society we start throwing stereo types into what we see. People are tall, big, short, slim, dirty, clean, messy, ordered…and based on what we see we categorize them and then decide on whether or not we want to get to know them (I mean really know them).

Christ came and spent time with the publicans and sinners. He said the well need not a physician but those who are sick. Now I am not saying that the only people Jesus dealt with were the down and out, publicans would have been tax collectors who were dishonest and oppressive but well off. He also dealt with the religious aristocracy, people who were not down and out. But He also dealt with the down and out, healing the lame, blind, deaf, and leper. Christ dealt with the attitude of the heart not the outward appearance.

So if we are to fulfill our call, we must get to know people. We must be open and accepting to them giving them confidence to be open with us. If we cannot get to know a person, how can we deal with their heart? Let us then be loving and caring, open to sharing ourselves and Christ with whom ever Christ leads into our path.

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