Have you ever got a splinter in a finger and it just keeps hurting until you get it removed? Did you ever have one as a child and you had no idea how to use the tweezers so Mom had to step in? Oh how you didn’t want that metal pinching thing anywhere near where you feel the pain, but she firmly holds your arm and pinches that tiny piece of wood. Then all of sudden she’s a hero, out comes the wood and the pain vanishes…

Know what happens if the wood doesn’t come out? Well let me tell you. I was probably 20 years old and had went to the lake to campout. Somehow through rough housing I got a splinter on the inside of my hand just below the wrist at the base of my thumb. Oh man did it hurt as it was like a puncture not just a surface splinter. But I got that sucker out…or so I thought, a tiny piece had broken off and I didn’t realize it. I cleaned the wound and bandaged it. About a week later it had healed up but was still tender if I put pressure on it a certain way, no biggie right, probably just needs more healing down deep. Then all of a sudden one day I notice I have a painful pimple right there, I think what in the world. So I lance it and work on it a moment and out pops this tiny piece of wood covered in my bodies defensive fluids. That little splinter had attempted to stay in my body but my body rejected it and created a way to notify me that something was there and needed removed. Our bodies are amazing things.

A tiny sin left in our lives will abscess into something more painful if not treated promptly and correctly. It is much less painful to deal with the splinter early than to have the abscess taken care of. Every night before we sleep we should ask God for forgiveness of all that we have done unknowingly and anything He brings to mind during our time with Him. Don’t let a little thing fester in your relationship with Him.

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