When the winter time comes with the drop in temperatures we no longer desire to be outside. Our activities move indoors so we can stay warm.

I think about the days before central heat or gas when a home was kept warm by a fireplace or cast iron stove. If it were really cold outside someone inside would have to stoke the fire during the night, waking up from time to time to add fuel.

The spiritual realm in which we live and move is a winter wasteland. We must add fuel to our fire lest we let the embers die and we lose our heat. What might you ask is our fuel? The Bible is a fuel, its words should be etched in our minds and show in our lives. Prayer is a fuel, giving thanks and praise to God enhances His presence in our lives. Fellowship is a fuel, just remembering that we are not walking the highway of life alone makes things more positive. Witnessing is a fuel, doing that to which we are called gives us a fulfilled attitude.

Praying, reading for study and memorization of the word of God, joining with others of faith, and sharing in the work of the Lord. These things will keep a fire rolling in our lives, let’s do these with happiness and vigor.

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