I am going to do something a little odd… There are many secular songs that if slightly tweaked and some parts totally left out can have great meaning spiritually. You might say taking the lyric out of context. So here I go.

How deep is your love, I really need to learn. Cause we’re living in a world of sin, breaking us down, when it all should let us be, we belong to You and me.

So how deep is His love. He made us to rule over all creatures and share fellowship with Him. Sin broke His heart as He had to change the plan and bring toil and pain to mankind. Through the ages He sent prophets to show the way in which people should live. He sent a part of the triune God to earth to carry our sin so our relationship could be restored. The Spirit was then sent to help and guide us through our lives until the Son returns and calls us heavenward.

How deep is His love? Immeasurable!!!

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