The dictionary says

1a: the act or words of one that blesses.

1b: approval, encouragement

2: a thing conducive to happiness and welfare.

3: grace (said at a meal)


approbation, approval, favor, imprimatur, OK (or okay)

So when we say God bless you, what are we saying? We are wishing God’s favor be shown to the other person. That He assists that person to stay within His guidelines for approval in their life. We are basically saying a quick prayer (three little words) requesting the God of all Gods to touch their life.

Now I ask, do we really mean to use those words when speaking to someone else? I sure hope we do. I love to say that to people at the cash register when I make a purchase and if they have a name tag I try to say it with their name. It often puts a little joy on their face.

So friends, may Godly richly bless you today.

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