Dictionary definition (adjective)

1a : belonging or relating to another person,

place, or thing : STRANGE

b : relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to

another country or government : FOREIGN

d : coming from another world

2 : differing in nature or character typically to

the point of incompatibility

Since I am redeemed and bought with a price I am now a joint heir to a heavenly reward. He went to prepare a place for me and someday I will be there with Him. I belong to the one who purchased my life by His redemptive power.

I am casting off the old man and putting on the new, thus changing my nature to an incompatible one with this world. My desires and affections are set on things above.

Since we have become aliens on this earth by our salvation, let us walk upright and strong in His word. Let us e examples to the world of what Christ is and can be. Let us throw down barriers to other’s souls through the power of His name and share the good news. Take up the full armor of God and walk in the fruit of the Spirit.

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